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The Loft @ Traders Point Creamery

Traders Point Creamery. If you live in Indy, you’ve probably seen their fancy glass bottles of milk, yogurt, and cheese in the dairy section of the grocery store. You’ve thought about purchasing them from time to time as a treat, but you probably thought that was all they did. But you are wrong – and luckily being wrong means you have a wonderful restaurant to discover for yourself!

Since I went with a group of fellow foodies/photographers/food bloggers we coordinated the visit ahead of time and were able to get a tour of the grounds. This elevated the entire experience and really gave meaning to “farm-to-table” unlike any other meal has for me.

Most peaceful spot in Indy.

Baby chicks

The farm

Piggy posing for the camera


To start off we had a cheese plate and a cottage cheese dish. I was a little leary about the cottage cheese, it is just something I have never gravitated towards. I figured if it was going to be made here where the milk is superior then I should give it a try. I am so glad I did! It was creamy, fatty, and delicious. I might need to give cottage cheese another chance.

Ricotta Dish


For dinner, I knew I was going to get a burger from the second I showed up. Mostly because I read the menu beforehand, but after seeing their farm and how they raised the cattle, pigs, and chickens I wanted to try something that involved all of those things. That may sound morbid to eat the animal you just saw roaming around outside, but for me knowing that it was grown humanely and treated well made me feel better about eating it compared to eating meat that was questionably raised. I hope that makes sense, and I hope that PETA doesn’t come after me for this post.

The other dishes around the table were great. Pork shoulder, pasta, and a few other things. But the burger was the most ordered for a reason. They grind bacon into the meat (yum) and we all put an egg on top to make it extra indulgent. The lighting was rough and the burger didn’t look nearly as pretty as these other dishes, but believe me it tasted amazing! I would get it again, but maybe this time split it with someone.

Egg and pasta dish

Delicious dishes and setup


Even though my stomach was beyond full, I HAD to get some sort of dessert. They’re a creamery so I knew I had to try some of their ice cream. Just about everyone at the table got a sundae or milkshake but Megan and I split some pie and a scoop of vanilla. It was perfect.

The Dairy Bar – lot of options!


If you would have told me that Traders Point Creamery was two hours outside of Indianapolis on a remote farm, I would have believed you. The grounds were quiet and peaceful and felt like I was far, far away from the city. Like I had escaped the busy-ness of the city and gotten away for a few hours. Luckily, this gem of a restaurant/farm/event space is right of 86th and 465. If you ever need to get away for a night and feel connected to nature, I suggest eating here!


In the Midst of farm land,


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