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Tasty Travels

Tasty Travels | Birmingham, AL

Back in June, I needed to head to Alabama for work. Luckily, the purpose of the visit included food and working with a fellow foodie. That meant every meal of the trip was superb. Get yourself a foodie friend wherever you go – trust me.

First stop of the trip wasn’t specifically for food, but it was related to food. We got to take a tour of Time Inc. Food Studios  – whaaaaat. If you’ve ever seen those awesome food/recipe videos on your Facebook or Instagram feed – chances are this is where they are made. We got to walk through the filming studios, the supply rooms full of every shape/color/size plate you could ever imagine, and more. I was in heaven.

Time Inc. Food Studios


First meal stop of the trip in Birmingham was The Grill at Iron City. I needed about fifteen minutes to look at the menu so I could narrow down what I wanted. I decided on their ramen and now I have a new standard for ramen that I hope can be met back at home. All the flavors, toppings, everything was superb. The broth was wonderful on its own but the extra ingredients made it even better.

The Grill at Iron City – Ramen


We went to Steel City Pops for dessert and I had their Peaches ‘N Cream popsicle – so yummy. You could tell this wasn’t peach puree from a can, but instead it was freshly picked peaches diced up in a creamy concoction. YUM.

The next morning we got to go to Pepper Place Market which is their farmers market – which put my hometown farmers market to shame. It was massive, it took up multiple parking lots. It had a good amount of prepared food options, fresh veggies, and even some fun decor and clothing merchants. For breakfast I had cold brew coffee and a delicious breakfast burrito from Homewood Gourmet. I could have easily spent all day walking around looking at all of the vendors. Farmers markets are my happy place.

Icebox cold brew coffee and breakfast burrito


For dinner that night I got to try Saw’s BBQ and I’m not sure I’ll ever look at a chicken sandwich the same way. I got the Colonel which was practically a heart attack in a to-go box. Sweet tea brined chicken which is fried and then topped with pimiento cheese, white BBQ sauce, and tomatoes. With a side of fried green tomatoes and a small dessert of homemade banana pudding – because why not? It was probably the messiest thing I have ever eaten, but also the tastiest.

All the fried goodness.


Our last meal before heading to Atlanta to go home was at Urban Cookhouse. I have been there before and was glad to go back for a little lighter meal, especially after the weekend of indulgence. I feel like if I lived in Birmingham I would eat here all the time. Simple, good, fresh food.

Wrap, veggies and cheesy pasta (aka mac ‘n cheese)


This trip definitely made me fall in love with Birmingham. You can tell there is a lot of growth there and it is a city on its way to having a younger, bigger city vibe. I wouldn’t hate living here one day – but then I remember that I would have to live without Cafe Patachou and then I change my mind. But this is gladly a town I would visit over and over again!


In the midst of reminiscing,