My Take on Whole 30: Day 10

I am a person that likes to achieve things. I like my to-do lists. I like DIY projects. I like reaching a goal.

But more than all of that, I LOVE chocolate.

So why would I even consider doing something where not only can I not have chocolate, but I can’t have dairy, sugar, grains, beans, and just about anything that brings joy to my tastebuds? (too dramatic?) Honestly, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I usually shy away from health regimens because I don’t think I can actually have that much self-discipline in the kitchen. But deep down I know I can!

After a long weekend visiting home (Vegas) and eating every comfort food possible, I knew when I got home (Indy) I had to dive into my first try at Whole 30. I was craving vegetables after a weekend of chocolate, Mexican food, and eating almost every meal out. I don’t regret any of those meals at home, they are the foods I looked forward to from not having been back in almost two years. But after five days of it, I was ready to eat a little cleaner.

I had been looking into doing Whole 30 for a couple of months now and wanted to wait until the fruit and vegetable selection in stores was a little more fruitful (ha.. I crack myself up). But after the weekend in Vegas, I was craving healthy food and feeling a bit of a detox. Cue a grocery store trip full of veggies and I was ready to go!

*For those of you that may not be familiar with Whole 30 or want to learn more check it out here.

I’m currently 10 days in and here are my thoughts:

  • I am amazed that sugar is hidden in the craziest of places. It hides in mayo, garlic salt, and pretty much anything you find on a shelf.
  • I used to snack for the sake of snacking, not because I was actually hungry.
  • I love coffee, but without cream and sugar I have to make sure I drink high quality stuff or it just tastes awful.
  • It has not been as expensive as I had thought, but I know that is because I’m a bargain shopper. It also helped that I bought the big ticket items (clarified butter, coconut flour, coconut milk) last month so that I was already ready to go.
  • I am still attempting social outings that involve food, but it is no easy task! I hate being that person with the dietary needs when it isn’t actually an allergy. So I’ve stuck to just eating before or after and enjoying the company instead of the food.
  • I don’t think I gave myself credit for how healthy I ate at home before this. I haven’t had to alter my meals at home too much, which is nice.

I’m a third of the way through and I am feeling good! I’m very curious to see how my body reacts when I reintroduce dairy, gluten, and sugar. That’s a huge part of what I did this for was to see if I’ve been having a reaction to any of these foods but not noticing it because it is in my everyday food. Now that I’ll have the chance to reset, we will see how my body feels when I put those foods in my body. (Dear body, please still love chocolate).

Some of the highlights of Whole 30 have been

  • learning to make homemade mayonnaise – recipe here
  • homemade ketchup – tastier than Heinz! recipe here
  • discovering my awesome microwave egg poacher
  • discovering the trick to crispy potatoes (hint: soak them!)

I have been so hungry when I get home after work I have not done the best job of taking photos of my food, whoops. But here are a couple meals I’ve loved so far:

Sweet potatoes, ground turkey, caramelized onions, avocado, balsamic reduction, and homemade ketchup

In order to make the ground turkey, I caramelized some onions in the pan first and then once they were cooked, I added the ground turkey. I’ve found that keeps it more moist! Add spices of your choosing. For the sweet potatoes, I chopped them up and soaked them for about 20 minutes before roasting them at 375 for about 30 minutes. Soaking them helps them get crispy! Then for my “toppings” I sliced up an avocado, reduced some balsamic vinegar into a syrup and put a dollop of homemade ketchup on the plate. Easy!


Salad with homemade ranch, roasted bell peppers, avocado and steak

For my salad I took some spinach and threw some homemade ranch on it. The ranch is just the mayo recipe above with some apple cider vinegar and some spices (I think I used parsley in this one). For the roasted peppers I took bell peppers, cut them into chunks and broiled them until they were charred. Then peel off the blackened skin and you’ve got lovely roasted peppers! The steak I cooked on the stove in a really hot pan for five minutes on each side with just salt and pepper. I used a London Broil because it was on sale, but any steak is delicious.


If you have any ideas or thoughts about Whole 30, let me know! I still have 20 more days and would love to hear your thoughts.


In the Midst of eating healthy,




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