Post Whole 30

So here I am, a little over a week after completing after Whole 30 and I wanted to share my thoughts:

Sugar is everywhere, but now I’m more aware of it

  • I was dumbfounded to discover how many things contain sugar, even when they are not a sweet item. Tomato sauce, sausage, garlic salt, salad dressing, and more. I am going to do my best to avoid these foods that don’t need sugar in them by making my own versions of them. I enjoyed making my own dressings, sauces, and seasonings and I feel better knowing that I picked each and every ingredient.

I feel better (and sleep way better) eating Whole 30 meals

  • During Whole 30 I slept like a rock, I rarely woke up in the middle of the night. Reintroducing dairy, carbs, and sugar I have realized that if I have a heavy carb dinner or something sweet after that I don’t sleep as well. I wouldn’t say I’m restless but I am certainly not where I was when I had none of those things in my diet. I would say that is my main motivation to continue to eat Whole 30 as much as possible.

Things that aren’t meant to be sweet are now too sweet

  • This week I made meat sauce with a jar of tomato sauce I had in the pantry. I read the ingredients and saw it had 10g of sugar per 1/2 cup serving – woah. As I tasted it, I realized how sweet it really was. Before this process, I would not have noticed it but now I am so much more aware of savory things tasting sweet because of the hidden sugar.

Chocolate still rules

  • Chocolate is the one thing I missed the most. The good thing is that even before Whole 30 I didn’t need a lot of chocolate to satisfy my craving. So now it is something that I am happy to have back in my life but I don’t feel the need to go overboard with when I eat it. Take that, Sugar Dragon!

Overall, I am still incredibly glad that I took on this challenge and tested my body. I am more aware of what I choose to eat and notice how my body reacts to certain foods.  I’m an even bigger fan of the process now having all the food at my fingertips than I was in the middle of the process. Whole 30 was a great challenge for me and a great learning experience. I am also glad I did the reintroductions to discover how my body reacted to those things individually. I am going to do my best to have most meals be Whole 30 compliant as often as possible. My body felt better and I had way more energy. I will still enjoy the pizza and chocolate – but now I plan to treat it as…well a treat, instead of an all the time thing.

For anyone that is considering doing this, I definitely recommend looking into it! Coming from a foodie who loves to eat out and eat dessert – if I can do it so can you. Yes, I missed out on a few social events and would have loved to eat chocolate after a rough day. But then I reminded myself – it is just 30 days I can eat that [fill in the blank] next month.

My next challenge is working my way through Tim Ferriss’s (or is it Ferriss’? … I spent too long Googling this debate) book The Four Hour ChefI have been wanting to learn some new skills in the kitchen and this book is quickly proving to be the exact thing I needed. Stay tuned for more!

My happy face having cheese and bread back in my life.

In the Midst of Introverting,

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