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2016 is the year I decided I would start a blog. I have had family and friends tell me I should start a blog in the last few years and I always agreed with them. Life was a little unstable for the last two years when my life was packed in a suitcase. Now that I have a somewhat “normal” life I thought I would keep it interesting by starting up a blog. So here we are.

If you know me, you know I love food more than the average person. So my blog will be food-centered. I want to be a resource to my fellow “mid-twenties” friends that are looking for ways to make cooking easy. I don’t know all the techniques but I do know how to make a good meal and make it simple enough that anyone can do it. Really, you can do it.

My plan for In The Midst is to share my experience in a few different ways:

  1. I will share my travel experiences and where you can find great food.
  2. I will share my tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years so I can help make your cooking experience a little easier.
  3. I will share how I go about trying out a new recipe from start to finish. Pinterest and food blogs can be daunting to new cooks and I want to show that with some time and research you can take a recipe you find online and accomplish it in your own kitchen.

I look forward to you all following along! I am always looking for ideas, tips, feedback and much more…so let’s connect!

Happily in the midst


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